We don’t skimp on heritage though—we have plenty of beloved Greek classics, all made in-house by our talented team.

Paired with exceptional coffee, how can you possibly go wrong?

At Diaspora Kouzina, we also offer flexible catering services and can host functions for your special event.


A touch of Greece

Fed up with sub-standard coffee and how difficult it was to track down a decent Greek-style café in the Adelaide CBD, we set out to make our own—and in 2018, Diaspora Kouzina opened its doors and we greeted our first customers.

Fast forward to today, and our humble café has grown into something special. Enjoyed by a melting pot of local cultures, our fresh, modern food with a Greek twist has well and truly made its mark.

We’re also notoriously fussy with our coffee, going to great pains to ensure only the finest locally-sourced beans are used. For connoisseurs, there’re few better choices.

This attention to detail and commitment to finding and using the best fresh, local ingredients permeates every aspect of what we do. With a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, we continue to find new and exciting ways to bring a touch of Greece to the Adelaide café scene.